The Martyrdom Window

1b Grisaille Panel with Medallion of St Edmund

(see also 1a and 1c)

The original grisaille would have had a vine-leaf pattern (cf. 4b) and now consists of nineteenth-century grisaille and plain quarries, with three rose quarries like those in 1a. Cinquefoil (as 1a, but blue ground) showing St Edmund, crowned and bearded, wearing a loin cloth, tied to a tree, and pierced by four arrows. At the sides are narrow green beaded strips flanked by borders with heraldic motifs (better seen in 2b). These consisted in the lower half of the panel of diapered blue pieces interspersed with three crowns, and in the upper half of lions passant guardant. These could be understood as shorthand for the arms of England (Gules three lions passant guardant or) and St Edmund (Azure three crowns or). As with the Mowbray and lion in the outer lights, the heraldic lions all face inwards. Heavy patching with medieval and modern glass in the border.