The Martyrdom Window

5a The Martyrdom of St Lawrence

The scene is set against a blue ground and on a green lawn. The saint, nimbed, tonsured, bearded and naked, is bound to a gridiron above flames in streaky ruby glass. The man in the centre above wearing a yellow hat, who holds a sceptre in his left hand and his right hand to his face, can probably be identified as the prefect of Rome (see introduction). To either side is a man with a long pole stoking the flames of the fire. Below a man uses a pair of bellows to fan the flames. The scene continues in 6a. The inscription reads ‘+S/(AN)C(TUS) : L/AVRE/NCIVS’. To either side are white and yellow shafts with traceried panelling, standing on yellow bases with a quatrefoil pattern, and with pale-blue capitals, that on the left figural (cf. 2a). Borders as 1a.