The Martyrdom Window

5b The Martyrdom of St Denis

Scene set as 5a. In the centre is depicted the giant figure of the saint wearing the full garb of a bishop; in his hands he holds his own head, which still has its mitre (see introduction). To the left an executioner with grotesque blue face and bared teeth leans away. His decorated sword, with which he beheaded the saint, falls from right hand, and with his left he gestures in amazement. To the right is a second blue-faced figure, wearing foliate, crown-like head-gear and holding a sword, who can perhaps be identified as the Roman governor. With his right hand he gestures upwards. The scene continues in 6b. The inscription below read ‘+S(AN)C(TU)S : D/IONI/SIVS’. To either side are shafts as 5a. Borders as 1b.