The Penitencer’s Window

2a Penitencer Absolving a Man

Seated on a yellow architectural throne is a tonsured cleric wearing a gown with fur-lined hood. Before him kneels a layman at prayer, on whose head the cleric places his left hand while wielding a scourge with his right. The layman is dressed in a coif and gown with collar; he has a mace with decorated staff and a sword. In the late 17th century, the speech scroll was recorded as reading ‘absolutionem et remissionem peccatorum’ (‘[I grant] absolution and remission of your sins’). The inscription below reads ‘W/I/[LELL]M(US) DE/ [LAN]G/ET/OFT’. Blue background diapered with roundels containing alternately lions rampant and eagles displayed. Flanking the scene are white and yellow shafts with quatrefoil decoration and traceried panelling under crocketed gables. The lower border figures are not well preserved; the penitencers above appear to have lost their attributes, and simply gaze on the scene between them.