The Penitencer’s Window

5b The Coronation of the Virgin

This panel originally contained a standing figure of a priest in the act of blessing, who may well have been St William, given the donor’s Christian name. The present glass had been inserted by 1859. The lower half of the panel is a modern confection, consisting mostly of 14th-century fragments. The upper half of the panel has a Coronation of the Virgin. Christ is cross-nimbed, bearded and barefoot, holding an orb. The figure of the Virgin, the throne on which they sit, and the canopy (consisting of a cusped, crocketed, battlemented ogee arch) are all reconstructed from medieval fragments. Some blue maple leaf background probably belongs with Christ, but it has been extended with other fragments. To either side are the remains of the original canopy shafts. The upper border figures are penitencers holding keys; the lower border figures have green drapery.