The Pilgrimage Window

1a Grisaille Panel with Medallion of a Couple and Comic Scenes Below

The grisaille glass now features both vine leaves and oak leaves with acorns. The barbed-quatrefoil medallion with blue (and green) frame with a red vine-leaf ground shows a couple sitting on a stone bench with traceried panelling at the front. Under her right hand is a small dog and with her left she offers a heart-shaped fruit to her companion. In the borders doctor monkeys with urine flasks and falconer monkeys with owls sit in a vine on a blue foliate ground. Across the bottom are three small scenes on a blue foliate background. On the left a fox, perhaps Reynard, stands at a lectern reading scriptures to a chicken or goose. On the right two monkeys tend to a sick monkey sitting on a cushion next to a ?bench on which stand a pot and covered cup; one of the two peers into a urine flask. In the centre is the ‘monkey’s funeral’. At the head of the cortège a monkey rings two handbells, believed to ward off demons, and behind him walks a monkey crucifer. At the rear four monkeys carry a bier on which rests a coffin draped in green. Because of the small monkey figure clinging to the coffin, this scene has been interpreted as a parodic version of the legend of the Virgin Mary’s funeral, during which the hands of the chief priest of the Jews became stuck to the coffin as he attempted to stop the procession; through the intervention of St Peter, the Jew is released and converted to belief in Christ.