The Pilgrimage Window

1b Grisaille Panel with Medallion of Two Wrestlers and Secular Scenes Below

The grisaille here is of vine leaves with grapes, mainly of 19th-century date, with two inserted 17th-century quarries, one bearing a tulip and the other the arms of York Minster (with the crossed keys of St Peter). The medallion shows two men wearing white loin cloths wrestling. In the borders are golden heraldic lions on a black ground, interspersed with red glass, alternating with gold fleurs de lis enclosed by blue glass decorated with a foliate pattern. Across the bottom are three small scenes. On the left a horse is led out of a gateway by a man who perhaps has the reins slung over his arm. In the middle the fox, still apparently wearing his monk’s robe, has the chicken or goose between his teeth and is being beaten with a distaff by a woman robed in green. On the right is a doorway, with the door slightly open. Before it sits a falconer monkey with owl, possibly intruded from a border.