The Pilgrimage Window

1c Grisaille Panel with Medallion of ?Falconer and Secular Scenes Below

The grisaille consists of vine leaves with occasional flowers, and the pattern created by the vine stems is well preserved here. The barbed-quatrefoil medallion shows a man wearing a pale-green tunic, blue jerkin, and purple hose. From his belt hangs a yellow scabbard, and he leads a horse. Although the man’s right hand is a modern patch, the outline suggests that he originally held a falcon. Hunting with falcons or hawks for smaller game bird was a popular medieval pastime. The hunting theme continues across the foot of the panel. On the right a hound leaps up at a stag, considered the noblest of the animals hunted in the Middle Ages, and a huntsman in a blue tunic and gold hose takes aim with a bow and arrow. In the middle stands another huntsman, carrying a spear. To the left of him another hound confronts a now-missing beast, replace by a heraldic lion that probably belonged to the arms of the Mowbray family in the adjacent window (n26).