York Minster

The York Minster Stained Glass Navigator

York Minster is remarkable for both the size and chronological span of its stained-glass collection. In 1697 traveller Celia Fiennes was moved to comment on ‘the greatest curiosity for Windows I ever saw’ and by the 1930s railway posters were encouraging visitors to the city to include Britain’s ‘treasure-house of stained glass’ in their itinerary.

The care and protection of this priceless and fragile heritage falls to a partnership formed by the Chapter of York, the York Glaziers Trust and the York Minster Fund, with invaluable input from scholars of the University of York. This new online resource celebrates this peerless collection, providing public access to the high-resolution photography undertaken by the York Glaziers Trust on behalf of the Chapter of York. We hope that it will encourage public appreciation and enjoyment of the glass, provide a tool for those planning a visit and a resource for scholarship and learning.

All photos taken by YGT and © of The Chapter of York. No unauthorised reproduction.